Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub

Complete your omnichannel foundation faster to start delivering real omnichannel experiences in a matter of weeks
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Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub

Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub has been designed for specialty retailers that sell both online and offline and typically have a chain of 20 physical stores or more selling product categories such as fashion, sporting goods, furniture and decoration, electronics or food & beverage.

Boost your omnichannel retail strategy with BOPIS

Enable standard support to a variety of omnichannel scenarios such as BOPIS (Click & Collect) and others

Accelerate digital transformation of your physical stores

Prepare and digitalize your stores to support your unified commerce strategy and to deliver the type of experiences your customers will value

Prepare your business in a matter of weeks

Forget long-running, highly complex projects and prepare your business with super-fast implementation in a matter of weeks

Ensure optimized costs of your solution over time

Optimize your solution's total costs over time with a flexible pay-per-use pricing model

In Two Different Flavors

Unified Commerce Launch Pack

A ready-to-run solution focused on omnichannel and store operations. WMS excluded

No coding or extensions included,  just solution configuration

Typical implementation time is a matter of weeks (roll-out to be planned separately)

AMS services activated upon going live

Fixed setup fee (plus additional roll-out costs)

Annual AMS fee

Annual subscription (or multiples thereof) for software and cloud (pay-per-use)

Unified Commerce Growth Pack

Omnichannel, store operations and full WMS implementation

Option to add more integrations and minor additions to the standard functionality

Implementation scope and time agreed on case-by-case basis

AMS services activated upon going live

Implementation fee agreed on case-by-case basis

Annual AMS fee

Annual subscription (or multiples thereof) for software and cloud (pay-per-use)

Achieve Real Omnichannel Order Management

Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub offers retailers a comprehensive omnichannel order management (OMS) system to gain complete, real-time visibility of stock across the enterprise that enables them to receive, fulfill and deliver orders across channels and locations.


Allow your customers to buy online and ship ordered products from a local store instead of a remote central warehouse. By shipping products from the closest location, the customer gets it faster and you also reduce total order management costs.


BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store or Click&Collect allow your clients to buy online and pick up the products in their preferred store. without paying shipping fees. And as a retailer, you benefit because it drives foot traffic that can result in additional sales.


Ship to store functionality allows you to have the inventory at the right store at the right time as opposed to carrying a lot of stock locally. It offers your customers a true omnichannel experience with greater convenience and allows you to lower your costs by shipping locally and reduce markdowns on unsold goods.


By supporting BORIS (Buy Online Return In Store) you allow your customers to visit their preferred store for a return. Customers visiting your stores can be assisted to ensure they get the right product and finally convert this negative experience into a positive one that can result in an additional sale.
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Ensure End-to-End Omnichannel Execution

Available Connectors

Leverage existing connectors for a variety of third-party systems, including ERP, eCommerce, payment solutions and others

Standard Commerce API

An easy-to-consume Commerce API that simplifies the complexity and effort required to integrate with existing legacy systems

Expand the Role of Your Physical Stores With a Modern Cloud-Based and Mobile Retail POS

Stay ahead of competitors and empower your stores to play a new, expanded role in the new COVID-19 driven reality while dramatically simplifying your overall store IT infrastructure.
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Deliver more personalized in-store shopping experiences

Empower associates to deliver excellent customer service with a modern Retail POS that supports a broad set of assisted sales and returns scenarios with greater personalization and checkout experiences that are faster, more convenient and safe

Gain greater inventory control and accuracy in your stores

Increase the efficiency of your in-store stock management with a rich, mobile-enabled inventory management solution that supports daily tasks such as goods receipts, shipments and movements, order picking and inventory counts

Enable physical stores to support your BOPIS strategy

Prepare your stores to support the expected growth in BOPIS orders and returns, and ensure they can continue working in case of future lockdowns by repurposing them as fulfillment centers

Lower overall IT costs for your physical stores

Simplify your overall store IT infrastructure by avoiding the need for local servers and reducing the requirement for IT staff to go on-site, while securing uninterrupted sales operations thanks to Openbravo's offline resistant technology

Re-imagine your in-store service and support new contact-less experiences that shoppers will value


Mobile POS

Assist and sell to your customers inside or out, on the shop floor or, if needed, outside in the street or parking lot


Create a safer checkout experience for customers by supporting non-assisted sales scenarios inside or outside your stores

Mobile Payments

Adyen payment solutions avoid the need for customers to touch payment terminals by allowing them to pay with mobile devices

Gain Insights Into Your Omnichannel Operations

Standard Omnichannel Reports

Track sales, stock or orders and analyze them based on different dimensions with a standard list of sales, stock and order reports

Powerful Reporting Engine

Powerful reporting engine based on the leading TIBCO Jaspersoft technology
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Achieve Greater Agility and Solution Scalability with Openbravo Cloud

Focus on your business and let Openbravo experts take care of your secure cloud installation, one that is fully maintained, updated and monitored by Openbravo.
Openbravo Cloud is today offered in two different options: with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
Amazon Web Services Cloud
Microsoft Azure Cloud

A Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Openbravo Cloud is offered under a single tenant model. It runs on a dedicated, pre-configured Cloud infrastructure that is sized for your specific needs, thus ensuring you get maximum levels of performance.

A Single Trusted Provider

Openbravo assumes responsibility for both the software and infrastructure that powers your omnichannel solution in the Cloud. You get one trusted partner and one point of contact for implementation, hosting, and support.

Fast Implementation for Quicker ROI

Take advantage of a rapid Cloud deployment and the Openbravo Fast Track Unified Commerce Methodology. You get faster implementation with highly efficient installation, testing, and training,

Optimized Cloud Costs

Openbravo Cloud allows you to easily scale up or down to support your growth or changing business needs, in case you must close some or all of your stores during confinement periods, for example.

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