Openbravo delivers an end-to-end solution with cloud-ready mobile POS and omnichannel capabilities for retailers through interoperability with SAP IS Retail

  • Openbravo Commerce Suite 3.0 integrates with SAP applications to exchange POS information with instances of SAP IS Retail, including master data, sales and physical inventory information
  • As a result of the certified integration, Openbravo Commerce Suite provides businesses that use SAP solutions the capacity to deliver an enhanced in-store shopping experience through a broad set of assisted sale capabilities, RFID, and mobile payments at POS, to name a few. It enables a variety of omnichannel scenarios and dramatically simplifies store operations with the central management of all stores and POS terminals from a single point.

We are really excited to announce this certification, which becomes for us a strategic asset now that more and more larger retailers that run SAP applications are approaching Openbravo to transform their businesses by deploying our omnichannel solution.

Marco de Vries, CEO at Openbravo.