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Introduction and Welcome (01:19)

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Initial Introduction to Openbravo Commerce Cloud (08:18)

We present in this initial introduction, prior to the system demonstration, a description of the main components of Openbravo Commerce Cloud: Openbravo Commerce Central, Openbravo OMS, Openbravo Store, Openbravo WMS, Openbravo Reporting and the mobile and cloud technology platform of Openbravo.



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Openbravo Commerce Cloud: more than just omnichannel

Discover the key features and benefits offered by Openbravo in different omnichannel and customer experience scenarios. All this on a modular, mobile and cloud technology platform, which offers a greater level of flexibility and agility, today and in the future. Because being omnichannel today is just the first step.



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Organizational configuration of OMS and warehouse (06:11)

We describe the demo scenarios and review the configuration, organizational, OMS, and warehouse aspects, as well as the initial inventory status in the stores involved in the setup.



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Online scenarios: Ship-from-Store y Click and Collect (19:22)

We demonstrate the flexibility of the API to connect to your eCommerce platform, and in-store order preparation functionalities to support these online sales scenarios.



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In-store scenarios: Assisted sale and returns (07:55)

We show the in-store functionality and scenarios supported by Openbravo POS, such as its integrated clienteling functionalities, as well as the possibility of cross-sales and returns between stores and channels.



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Self-checkout in the store (01:28)

Let's discover how the Openbravo point of sale can easily be configured to function as a self-checkout solution to facilitate low-touch scenarios.



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Inventory in the store (01:24)

We briefly review  the functionality that ensures a detailed and accurate in-store inventory from mobile devices, in addition to that already shown in order preparation.



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Reporting and analytics (01:33)

We introduct Openbravo's reporting solution, based on TIBCO Jaspersoft's leading technology, with an extensive list of standard reports and dashboards.


Chosen by the world's leading brands and retailers

Openbravo is trusted today by leading international brands and retailers, who enjoy a platform that fully adapts to their needs and offers greater flexibility and is  backed by expert professional services, from implementation to maintenance, and international 24/7 support.
BUT. Furniture, decoration and home appliances. 310 stores.

Max Dragone,


The Openbravo architecture has allowed us to simplify the overall IT infrastructure, and also  achieve greater agility and the flexibility we needed to improve our shopping experience. Especially in stores, it dramatically reduces IT complexity by avoiding the need for local servers.

310 stores running Openbravo


Paulo Sousa Marquez,

CEO of Toys “R” Us Iberia

Now that this technology has been implemented in all of our stores, we are impressed with the capabilities of Openbravo POS, which has greatly simplified processes. This has been key in allowing us to go live in all of our stores in just four months.

61 stores running Openbravo

Zôdio. Decoration. 22 stores.

Arnaud Tételin,

CIO of Zôdio

We chose the Openbravo platform not only because it met our specific needs in terms of tax compliance but also because of its amazing omnichannel capabilities, which have become essential in the new retail reality.

22 stores running Openbravo

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