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From Product to Service: How to Put the Customer First with a Service-Oriented Retail Strategy

Find out how to make your Retail Strategy more service-oriented with Openbravo.

Customers increasingly look to retailers to go beyond simply selling products by also offering experiences and services for their lifestyles. Retailers that can successfully deliver a more service-oriented retail strategy stand to benefit in several ways. They can increase profitability and wallet share by offering higher-margin services, and they reinforce brand loyalty using service as a differential factor that is difficult for rivals to reproduce.

 What you will learn:

This presentation explains how modern retailing is evolving to be far more than just about fulfilling traditional shopping needs.  Success in the future will increasingly depend on being able to satisfy customers' expectations with regard to their lifestyles in personalized, service-oriented ways. Retailers need to understand not just what people buy but why, and this will require them to develop much “smarter” strategies to detect and influence customer behavior.  Technology plays a critical role in implementing service-oriented approach to retailing as will be explained in this webinar.

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