Openbravo Omnichannel POS webinar


How to Choose Your Next POS for Omnichannel Success


Learn about key features every POS solution should have to achieve omnichannel success

Is your POS system pulling its weight? With omnichannel expectations higher than ever, your POS system needs to work much harder to ensure your customers keep coming back to your stores. But according to a RIS study, 43% of retailers say their POS does not meet their essential needs for the next two to three years. What capabilities should you look for in a new POS system if you want to be a leader in the omnichannel retailing?

What you will learn:

This webinar will outline some of the key capabilities that a modern POS should have to enable retailers to boost sales and thus improve store performance. These include:

  1. Mobile POS to sell on-the-go, get closer to the customer and
    provide faster checkout experience
  2. Real-time inventory visibility
  3. Clienteling features to support more upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  4. Support for a variety of omnichannel scenarios
  5. Cloud-based platform for greater agility and lower IT costs


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