Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub

Complete your omnichannel foundation faster to start delivering real omnichannel retail experiences in a matter of weeks
Openbravo POS Tablet Vertical

Gain the option of delivering real omnichannel experiences in a matter of weeks

Accelerate your omnichannel retail enablement and gain over time the capacity to adapt and innovate more quickly while keeping your costs under control at all times

Ready-to-go omnichannel functionalily


Fully modular platform


Standard commerce API




Flexible open-source technology

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Pay-per-use pricing model

Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub by Openbravo and Adyen

Ready-to-go omnichannel

Pre-configured platform for retail to provide comprehensive, out-of-the-box support for key omnichannel, store and inventory scenarios
Openbravo Central Hub

Central Hub

Central commerce back office
Openbravo OMS Hub


Order management
Openbravo Store Hub

Store Hub

Multi-store solution
Openbravo WMS Hub


Warehouse and inventory management
Openbravo Cloud

Openbravo Cloud

Cloud infrastructure and services

Central Hub

Centralized and real-time omnichannel management

Simplify management of your online and offline retail channels and gain unified, real-time visibility into your operations
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Single, real-time central repository

Setup your commerce processes and easily manage master data for your customers, assortments, products and prices while gaining centralized view of your operations in real-time

Highly flexible promotions engine

Leverage a long list of standard discount types and easily create new ones with application rules based in multiple parameters

Integrated retail reporting solution

Leverage a powerful reporting engine based on the leading TIBCO Jaspersoft technology to gain deeper insights in your omnichannel retail operations


Optimized fulfillment process

Gain single, global view of all available inventory so allowing you to intelligently manage, sell and fulfill merchandise across all in-store and digital touchpoints

Single, global view of inventory

Gain complete stock visibility for effective and more profitable order management.

Ability to ship and from anywhere

Enable omnichannel retail scenarios like BOPIS, ship-to-store, ship-from-store and endless aisle services for your physical stores

Intelligent order fulfillment

Ensure an optimized fulfillment process by selecting the best shipping locations according to customer preferences and retailer profitability goals

Store Hub

Modern store solution with mobile point of sale

Empower your retail stores to play a new, expanded role in the new reality while dramatically simplifying your overall store IT infrastructure
Openbravo POS Mobile Devices
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Improved and low-touch experiences

Re-imagine your in-store service and support new contact-less experiences

Real omnichannel readiness for your stores

Prepare your stores to support the expected growth in BOPIS and be ready to act as fulfillment centers

Dramatically simplified in-store IT infrastructure

Leverage a platform that avoids the need for local servers while ensuring uninterrupted sales in case of connectivity losses

Mobile POS

Assist and sell to your customers inside or out, on the shop floor or, if needed, outside in the street or parking lot


Create a safer checkout experience for customers by supporting non-assisted sales scenarios inside or outside your stores

Mobile Payments

Adyen payment solutions avoid the need for customers to touch payment terminals by allowing them to pay with mobile devices


Mobile warehouse and inventory operations

Gain access to a wide set of functionalities for the complete and efficient management of your warehouse and inventory operations
Openbravo WMS devices

Centralized and real-time inventory management

Gain centralized, real-time visibility into inventory levels and movements in all your warehouses
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Mobile inventory management operations

Manage a variety of inventory tasks and let associates execute them from mobile devices according to defined priorities
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Guided inventory receiving and optimized picking

Leverage business rules for the efficient and guided execution of tasks such as receiving, moving, picking, and inventory counts.

Openbravo Cloud

Faster deployment and greater agility in the cloud 

Focus on your business and let Openbravo experts take care of your secure cloud installation, one that is fully maintained, updated and monitored by Openbravo
Amazon Web Services Cloud
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Openbravo Cloud

Dedicated cloud infrastructure

Gain more freedom and flexibility with a cloud infrastructure solely dedicated to you either in AWS or Azure.
icon-cloud sized for needs-200x200

Sized for your specific needs

Ensure you get maximum levels of performance with a cloud infrastructure that is sized for your specific needs

Guaranteed SLAs

Benefit from a strong disaster recovery approach that includes periodic backups, database archiving and high availability options

“We chose Openbravo because it provided us with solid functionality and the capacity to support our business-specific needs faster. This has facilitated the adoption of Adyen, which was also a priority for us.”



Select the best option for your retail business needs 

Unified Commerce Hub Launch Pack

A ready-to-run solution focused on omnichannel and store operations. WMS excluded

No coding or extensions included,  just solution configuration

Typical implementation time is a matter of weeks (roll-out to be planned separately)

Unified Commerce Hub Growth Pack

Omnichannel, store operations and full WMS implementation

Option to add more integrations and minor additions to the standard functionality

Implementation scope and time agreed on case-by-case basis

Not yet enough? 

If you think you have more specific requirements beyond what the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub offers, contact us also to understand how you can benefit from the full power of the Openbravo omnichannel platform for retailers. Unlimited capacity to build business-specific capabilities, adoption of existing connectors and much more.

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