Enabling Agile and Innovative 
Unified Commerce

Master today and future variety and complexity of customer journeys with real-time management of a variety of unified commerce scenarios and the same solution across all your retail touchpoints. Used today by retailers in more than 50 countries and more than 40,000 touchpoints.



Discover the most flexible cloud-based SaaS platform for unified commerce

Real-time unified commerce

Flexibly support scenarios like order in store, click and collect, ship-from-store and e-reservations, providing enhanced shopping experiences to customers and associates. Single view of customers and stock, tiered loyalty programs, flexible promotion strategies, recommendations, innovative checkouts like Top-on-Phone and more. In real-time.

Same solution across all retail touchpoints

Harmonize your store landscape with a modern store solution supporting multiple types of touchpoints such as fixed tills, mobile devices, self-checkout terminals and kiosks. Gain freedom in hardware choice and save costs by eliminating local servers with our hardware agnostic and offline resistant retail touchpoint technology.

Global with strong support for international operations

Drive business growth on a global scale with a platform used today in more than 50 countries. Leverage built-in advanced platform features for local taxes, invoicing, certified localizations, etc, as open APIs and extensions to address country specifics and a highly experienced team with deep knowledge in country compliance.

API-First approach and fully modular

Adopt, integrate and change more efficiently to save costs and move at the pace of consumer demand. Leverage an extendible business-level JSON API and integration mechanisms that allow for real-time communication between all connected systems and shorten time-to-market with easier and faster updates and upgrades thanks to modularity.

100% Cloud-based SaaS platform

Get the maximum benefits of SaaS in the cloud with easy access to the latest innovations and expert services to support your daily operations. Operate in a pre-configured, optimized cloud infrastructure that is monitored 24/7/365 to deliver guaranteed system uptime and the highest security levels, with premium options such as Openbravo WAF.

Strong culture of joint innovation

Stay ahead of competitors and leverage co-innovation opportunities to achieve your business goals. Benefit from rapid implementation and faster ROI for leading-edge Openbravo software and gain the ability to explore roadmap co-innovation opportunities, adapted to your company strategy and your business priorities.

"We chose Openbravo because of its modular, cloud-based technology and its broad unified commerce coverage. We are betting on a fast-growing company that offers us a true strategic partnership."

Marie-Caroline Bénézet, Director of Operations and Transformation at SMCP

SMCP is a global leader in the accessible luxury market with more than 1,600 stores in 46 countries, from its four iconic parisine brands Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and Fursac.



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